Packing: No more nightmares...

Fortunately my airline has retained its generous sporting goods policy for international flights. This policy means the bike represents only 5 kg of my luggage allowance, so there should be no repeat of the expensive excess baggage charges incurred on my Giro Tasmania.

For this trip I've decided to leave my bike bag at home and use a bike box instead. A box is lighter and roomier, so I shouldn't need to do as much disassembly to pack the bike.

Update: There has been a change of plan - my accommodation in Christchurch has storage facilities, so I'm going to take the bike bag after all. So once again I'll have to go through the routine of disassembly and packing that I really dislike, but with castor wheels the bike bag is a lot easier to handle than a box, and with a liberal luggage allowance there isn't really any reason not to take it. And after packing my Surly for shipment to his new home, I realise that it isn't any easier to pack a bike into a box.

Update: So now I'm all packed and ready to go. I'm getting a ride to the airport from a fellow cyclist and former work colleague (thanks David), which spares me the hassle and expense of using a maxi taxi.
Once again I have a feeling that I've packed to much, and will probably have a minor cull in Christchurch, once I get a feel for the local weather conditions.

The nightmare returns - getting everything in is a real effort, but with castor wheels in its base, the bag is the most convenient way to handle a bike.

All zipped up and ready to go - 22 kg to check in after my sporting goods allowance, 2 kg more than my total baggage allowance...

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