Ross - Hokitika: A very nice place to do nothing...

Monday November 8, 2010, 27 km (17 miles) - Total so far: 817 km (508 miles)

Time: 1:35 Distance: 27.17 km Average: 17.1 kph Max: 45.4 kph Altitude Gain: 94 m

Yesterday I was a little disappointed to make it only to Ross before my legs protested. But I was well looked after by the proprietor of the motel, who let me use the facilities to do my laundry, and really could not have been more hospitable. But this morning my legs felt heavy and stiff, and it seemed to take forever to eat, pack up and get going.

It was a glorious morning however, and once rolling everything seemed to be going my way - the road surface was smooth and fast, the grades easy, and the breeze at my back. My legs woke up and soon I was bowling along at more than 20 kph, and enjoying the best riding I have had on the west coast.

Reviewing my itinerary yesterday, I realised that on reaching Greymouth, my goal for today, I would be only one day behind, and my overall plan was probably still achievable. But I was really keen to spend my lay day in Hokitika rather than Greymouth, as recommended by the other tourists I've met. As I rode this morning my mind was made up - I'd have a short day to Hoki and spend the afternoon looking around, then another short day into Greymouth tomorrow, and forgo the lay day.

So only 90 minutes after leaving Ross I arrived in Hoki, set myself up in the local backpacker, and set off on foot to explore the town precincts. While strongly tourist oriented, I'd have to say my advisers where absolutely right - it is a delightful little place, and I'm pleased to spend a little time here.

Whitebaiters working the Hokitika river mouth. Notice the storm debris littering the far bank..

Main street, Hoki in rush hour - a nice place to be...

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